Do you just do sites for wellbeing professionals and therapists?

I make websites for anyone! I have focussed on wellbeing professionals and therapists as I know this area from running my own business in it, but I am of course happy to make you a website even if you are not working in this area. Just contact me.

Are sites always £79?

Sites are usually £79 (usually for 1-6 pages) for a site made within Google Sites. If there is a lot more work than usual needed or extra graphics, I may need to charge a bit more but if that's the case I will always let you know in advance so we can negotiate before I start work. Most sites, however are this price and you will always know what you have agreed to, before work is completed.

How can you offer this service at such a good price?

I use packages provided by Google to make and "host" your sitemeaning you just pay for my time to make it for you. The alternative is to pay to have your site created which also requires making regular payments to have the site hosted. Google Sites are free, so there are no further charges but, if this changed, I can archive your site so that it would be easier to transfer the site elsewhere.

Help! I don't like writing / writing about myself!

I appreciate this might feel tricky so also offer writing services where I write your website copy for you, with your guidance. 

Also, if you already have copy about your business on other platforms like Facebook or an old site, just send me the links and I can paste it to your new site.

When will my site be ready?

Usually sites are ready for approval one to two weeks after you’ve sent me all the material I need to create it, but it is often quicker than this. If it looks as if it was going to take me longer to make your site than usual I will update you so you have an idea of how long it will take.

I've got a logo; could you include that on my site?

Yes! Just email it to me. If you've got it in several different sizes then send me the biggest one you've got as that will be the clearest on your site and I can resize it. 

Can I link my social media accounts to my new site?

Absolutely! Just send me the links to your profiles and I'll  happily add social media buttons to your site which will then link to your profiles.

Will my new site be able to be viewed on mobiles?

Yes! I will also make it customised to view easily on mobiles.

If I decide to buy a domain name as well do I have to do that before you make me a site, or afterwards?

Either way is fine. Creating the site and buying a domain name are separate processes and can be done in either order. Remember, you don't have to buy a domain name, the site will have an address anyway. See my page on domain names for further details. 

After my site is made, what kind of changes will I be able to make myself?

This depends on how confident you are with technology, but basically you would have the rights to make any changes yourself. When I’ve created your site I’ll provide you with the information you’ll need to make basic changes on Google Sites. If you get a new email address for example, then you should be able to update that information on your site. If you don’t feel confident however, or simply don’t want to do it yourself, I am happy to do this for you. I make a charge of £20 for doing this (see 'Payment' page).

If I pay £20 for you to edit my site after it's completed, what sort of changes would that cover?

£20 would usually cover around 2-3 basic changes, compatible with Google Sites, on your website. If it looks like a lot more work and time is needed, we can renegotiate, but this doesn't normally happen. You will need to email me all the information you want to be added or removed from your site so that I know exactly what you want doing with it. 

When do I pay for my new site?

Once it is completed, please pay via my payment page, within 14 days.

Will I be able to see the site before completion?

Yep! You will be able to see it as it is being created, I encourage this so that you can see what to expect from your website. This also provides you with the opportunity to ask for edits or additions to be made. I will send you a view only link to your site.

When will you give me access or permission to edit the site myself?

I do that immediately after payment. I will send you links with basic instructions on how to edit your site, once it is complete. 

Have you any guidance about what my site should look like or say?

Start by looking at my example sites to get an idea of what your site could look like.

It's also worth researching other websites where people are offering similar services to get ideas of how to create your site and what might work and not work well for you. I can send you further info that will help.

Can I get a new email address for my website?

When you buy a domain name they usually give you the option to have an address like (or - you can choose the first part) that will forward emails to your normal email address. You don't need to buy anything other than the domain name, as this is included in the price you pay. As soon as you've bought the domain name, you can decide what email address you want. Read more at Domain Names.

How can I track visitors to my site?

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that tracks and reports web traffic for you i.e. how many people visited your site, which pages they looked at, where they came from etc and more. This can be very useful information to help you understand who is looking at your site and where they are coming from.  Have a look at Google's Google Analytics guide for Google Sites here to set this up.

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.